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It is around the table that friends understand best,

the warmth of being together.

All great things begin at

the dinner table.

Reclaimed Farmhouse Tables
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Contact: 0778 7766482 Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East

Families who eat together, stay together.

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Email: sales@reclaimedfarmhousetables.com

Mobile: 0778 7766482

You are welcome to come and view during the day:

Monday to Friday 1 - 4pm.  (Closed Wednesday)


Sundays 1-4pm.

We are here to do our best to achieve what you are looking for, we haven’t failed yet.

Old Brush Factory Unit 2 Whickham Industrial Estate, Swalwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 3DA

Aprox 2 miles from the Metro Centre and very close to the A1.

Traditional tables are now affordable

Most showrooms are just that ... a showroom. You go in and order the product and then wait for delivery from the manufacturer or distributor. The showroom then makes a profit from acting as the middle man. Here at Reclaimed Farmhouse Tables we have no manufacturing costs, all these savings are passed on to you. All of the tables you see on the shop page are ready to go, not waiting to be finished.

Hand finished with passion

Our farmhouse tables are all reclaimed by just two craftsmen who live and breathe quality workmanship, and you can’t put a price on that. We combine this with a passion to get every reclaimed table we restore just right for the customer. There is nothing quite as satisfying as ordering a table at a fraction of the cost of a new one to suit you and your needs.

Quality for less

All of our tables are reclaimed and finished to a high standard, and the end result is a table that will feel fantastic … no matter what the occasion. The quality finish will ensure that the table will perform to the level you want.

Tables fit for life

Whatever the occasion, a table is something you want to last for life. Everything about our reclaimed farmhouse tables is individual and each dining table is different, not something off the peg or mass produced! These solid tables are not only durable, they are also timeless.

Reclaimed tables are timeless

Whether antique Victorian, from the 30's, the 50’s or later, our reclaimed farmhouse tables retain the craftsmanship that gives them such a timeless finish that will make you proud to have one in your home.

Quality paint finishes

Some of our reclaimed tables are finished (legs and decorative plinths) in high quality Farrow & Ball paint. The depth and beauty of this paint, we have found, is unmatched by other paints. The colours and finishes are traditionally applied by hand. We do not believe in using spray paints or spray machines.  

Unique eco friendly finish

Every table is a luxury product and deserves to be maintained at a high quality level. No two farmhouse tables are the same! Most of our tables are protected and nurtured with high quality wax, which we apply by the traditional method ... by hand. We do not machine polish any wax applications.  

All the paints we use are water based, eco friendly and comply with the latest EU environmental legislation regarding the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of paints. Our finishes are all low in odour and classified as either low or minimal VOC.

Please note

Unless otherwise stated, our tables are finished with Farrow & Ball paint. As with all our tables, they are made from natural products which means there are imperfections in the wood - small cracks, occasional knot holes and possible blemishes. All we guarantee is that the tables are strong and full of character. There are no veneers here; only the very best solid pine is used throughout these pieces.

Traditional dining sets

We also supply traditional dining chairs with tables, some are sold as sets and some can be split. One of the most important features of the table is the chairs. There is no better way to dress up the table than with a set of finely detailed farmhouse chairs. Often times the chairs will match the color of the table, but you can always spruce them up with tie cushions to add a little more personality to them. Please contact us with your requirements.